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State Pension toolkit now available

While the subject of ‘pensions’ becomes more interesting as an individual nears retirement, it is never too early to fully understand how the State Pension will affect you in the future. On 6 April 2016, the current State Pension scheme will be replaced. This means people will be able to know from a much younger age […]

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National e-bulletin – 30 September 2015

You will recall from our recent e-bulletin (07 September) that the Cultural Review into Essex Fire & Rescue Service highlighted some horrific practices that had occurred over past decades. In short, the service was at its lowest ebb where things could only improve. We also made it clear that from our experiences, what was uncovered […]

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Local Pension Boards

During the summer the LGA facilitated training sessions covering the newly implemented Local Pension Boards. The presentations used during these training sessions are available below. LGA – Introduction KPMG – Why Change? DCLG – Regulations Requirement Eversheds – The Legal Perspective LGA – History of Pensions The Pensions Regulator KPMG – What Does a Good Board […]

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National e-bulletin – 17 August 2015

Local Pension Boards Part of the government’s objective to provide better governance for public sector pension schemes is to introduce Local Pension Boards (LPB), whose job it will be: to secure compliance with the Regulations and any other legislation relating to the governance and administration of the Scheme, and requirements imposed in relation to the […]

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