Representation during strike action

At RFU HQ we have been contacted by a number of FBU members who have worked during the recent periods of strike action. The questions being raised generally fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Am I covered by the FBU during periods of strike action?
  2. Would the FBU expel me for working during periods of strike action?
  3. Can I be a member of both unions?

We cannot answer the first two as this is a matter for the FBU, however, we would suggest that if you have worked during the recent periods of strike action your values are more aligned to ours. As a RFU member you are guaranteed protection in such circumstances, as well as for undertaking co-responding duties.

In relation to the third question, we have no problem with our members also being associated with any other organisation.

Please forward this email onto anyone who would be interested in the above information.

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