Information Technology

This module provides a general introduction to the many aspects of Information Technology that impact upon much of our working life. This module is broken down into a number of sections that introduce the novice, the experienced and the very confident computer user to a variety of subjects.

The module focuses on the use of Microsoft products and includes:

The word processing package – Word

Section One: Getting Started (165 KB)

Section Two: Formatting and Editing (184 KB)

Section Three: Margins, Tables and Pictures (173KB)

Section Four: MailMerge, Labels and Templates (196 KB)

The email processing package – Microsoft Outlook

Section One: Getting Started (208 KB)

Section Two: Working with e-mail (149 KB)

Section Three: Tools and Options (212 KB)

The graphics package – PowerPoint

Section One: Getting Started (290 KB)

Section Two: Formatting, Editing and Printing (376 KB)

Section Three: Slide Desigh and Slide Layout (345 KB)

The Internet Package – Explorer

Section One: Getting Started (327 KB)

Section Two: Finding Information & Managing Internet Explorer (182 KB)

In addition to these Microsoft products, the module also covers key aspects of information security to make your use of technology a safer experience.

Security (187 KB)

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